Black olives of Aragon – La Masrojana


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Black olives of Aragon – La Masrojana

The variety of black olives of Aragon has always lived with the Aragonese farmers.

Unlike most olives, this is harvested when ripe from mid- November until the end of December, devoting large sizes for canning and small , they are generally aimed at the development of oil.

We receive in the store and introduce our deposits , which then began the process of preparing for a few months , until it’s suitable for consumption.

The many ways we can consume . The most common are with salad , lunch , pasta , as an ingredient in pizza, with cheese canapes and as traditionally prepared in our land, snacks at ” l’ esqueixada bacallà ” ( cod crumbs seasoned with tomato, onion and pepper, all in pieces , and black olives)

Ingredients: black olives , salt and herbs

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