TROSSET DE PORRERA. We talk about Emotions?


We talk about emotions?
The Winery Trosset de Porrera, property of  the Duran brothers begins a new stage.
Eduard Diego Duran and bring the essence of the terroir in the blood because the peasantry is the story of his life.
Winemakers since 2000, his eldest son, the bit is the expression of the family estate Porrera, Priorat … its soil and its climate. With an output ranging from 250 to 1,300 depending on the vintage bottles, this issue year after year has been gratifying and big surprises.
15 years after the first experience, the parents of the child have decided to fetch the little brother Olim … (Once upon a time …), farm Mill, also in Porrera. This young man wants to tell stories and, like his older brother, causes emotions …

Trosset Winery from Porrera - Priorat
Taking advantage of this event bit changes the image that has accompanied all these years: a watercolor Eduard Duran; a strain rooted in the ground and connected to the sky, as the wines that embraces aging well, and also explains the origin of this series and discusses the different ages of the pieces.
Moreover, the new image, the work of graphic designer and editor Miguel Abellan, defines emotions under the magic of seduction. The new labels are invited to enter a dreamlike space where senses are another interpretation. If bits challenges to plunge into a world of sensations … two naked bodies and animal suspended underwater in the bottle, it does Olim figures “levitating” with smooth movements and colors reminiscent of butterflies. Two major proposals for two wines.

trosset de porrera

Olim in 2013 is now on sale at a price of € 16. Blend: 90% and 10% cabernet cariñena. 12 months in barrel. 900 bottles.
The new pieces, true to its origins, you will not see the light until 2016 and its price remains 30 €.
The harvest of 2011 that it will be premiering the new image. Blend: 70% Carignan, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot and 10% Syrah. 18 months in barrel. 1,200 bottles.

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