Celler Clos 93 DOQ Priorat

In the town of Lloar, 5km from Gratallops in the Priorat, the Celler Clos 93 is dedicated to the development of Priorat wines.

The Priorat wines of Clos 93 are the portrait of his terroir, combining stone Licorella with red earth so characteristic of this warm region of Priorat.

The caves, rocks and nights where you can see the sky more starry, make the grapes express their qualities as wine.

Clos 93 Priorat. The passion for the Priorat Wines

2010 the passion for wine makes history begins Celler Clos 93 in the world of wines of Priorat.

Birth of a new winery in the Priorat, small, mysterious, with all the charm around him, in the town of El Lloar, known as “amid the world.”

“If you like wine and oil and are curious to discover new corners of the Priorat region, come to visit Clos 93, try” L’interrogant “and we reveal his secret.”

Interrogant L’Oli is the Extra Virgin Olive oil produced farm Celler Clos 93, from the Farga, Rojal and Arbequina, and of very limited production, a bit more than 200 bottles a year.

l’Interrogant Priorat DOQ – Clos 93

L’Interrogant Priorat DOQ is the wine with which the winery Clos 93 starts its journey in the Priorat wines.

Priorat Wines Clos 93