Mas Cantrio – Priorat Wines DOQ

Mas Cantrio are two brothers Aron and his father Martin and Hannes Candrian of Sagogn (Grisons, Switzerland). Together, they are the owners of the winery Mas Cantrio in Priorat, Spain. Hence the game cantrio words, a composition Candrian and Trio.

Mas Cantrio – The Emotions

It began in 2000 when Martin first visited the Priorat wine region and discovered the ancient vines, ungrafted, and growing in black slate floors. Emotion came over him, it was love at first sight, she knew, and wanted to fulfill his dream of creating a wine, here in the Priorat!

The formation
In the following years, Martin traveled several times to the Priorat, where he earned good friends of the local scene of Priorat wines. In Switzerland, he deepened his knowledge of wine in different courses (viticulture, oenology, …) at the Academy in Wädenswil.
In one of his routes touring Priorat wines, Martin invited his brother Aron and Hannes Father, which were also fascinated from the first moment for the region and its excellent wines.
Therefore, Martin, with formation of Commercial and Wine, Aron, marketing professional forester and Internet, Hannes and his father, the professional construction and painter decided to fulfill his dream in the world of wine.

Spring 2005
After an intensive search found the Finca for Mas Cantrio. A cottage with 7 hectares of land, of which 3 hectares were planted with vines of garnacha. In addition to the vines also he had olive trees, almond trees and wild herbs.
He had to be carried out adequacy hard work throughout the farm, at the level of the crop, with new vines replanted as winemaking facilities within the stringent standards of the Designation of Origin Priorat qualified.

2009: First crop of Priorat wines
Our young vineyards gave us after four years for the first time a small amount of grapes. The 1 ha of vineyards of Garnacha 25 years old, and a hot summer give us a harvest of high quality. A manual grape selection was made in the vineyards where the grapes only in optimum condition were The matched.

The first production: 2009
The wines must be authentic, unique and natural.  Mas Cantrio Wines seeks the expression of minerality of the slate floors, the character of the variety and the year!

Razzmatazz. The First Mas Cantrio Priorat Wine

Razzmatazz (meaning: turbulent) after 6 years of hard work, with also chaotic and turbulent situations defined his name.

The following crops
After the successful harvest of 2009, we knew that once again what is our path.

Despite the uniqueness of Priorat where every year expresses its climatic differences in the wines, Razzmatazz expresses the ideals and principles of the philosophy of Mas Cantrio:

Razzmatazz Priorat DOQ Mas Cantrio is the expression of ripe fruit, elegance and finesse, accompanied by mineral notes typical soil where the vines are grown. Oak notes must be clean and well-integrated, without being predominant. Ripe tannins and silky texture. However, differences between vintages are clearly visible at Razzmatazz, and it produces a new and unique emotion in each harvest.

Mas Cantrio – Priorat Wines