Clos L’Asentiu – Vall Llach

Clos l’Asentiu is the personal project by Albert Costa, Winemaker of the winery Vall Llach.

Under the production resources of  Vall Llach, but with an independent spirit from the brand concept of Vall Llach , Clos l’Asentiu born with the purpose to add a special value to the wines through the small amounts of high-quality wine young vineyard from the Celler Vall Llach, and producing a new concept of  Wines far than the three classic lines Vall Llach : L’Embruix , Idus and Vall Llach.

Clos l’Asentiu give us a carefully priorat wines, marked with a personal point of view of the winemaker , with a particular history of its terroir , its development and with a strong commitment to their natural and social environment.

CLOS L’ASENTIU (Vall Llach) DOQ Priorat Wines