Cellers Scala Dei

CELLERS SCALA DEI, Hundreds of years ago practiced in some of the viticulture estates wineries Scaladei. They land where the vine has survived for centuries because the grapes obtained there has always been undisputed quality. The grapes come from what our wines come from vineyards that are fifty years on average.
Cellars Scala Dei‘s almost sixty hectares -of grenache and carignan, principally divided into 42 different farms and very often are small worlds that have nothing to do with each other and must cultivate and care from the respective particularity.
Plots located between 400 and 800 meters above sea level, which makes us have some higher altitude vineyards of Priorat. There are three types of soil present (slate, clay and limestone soils) and, given the rugged terrain of the territory, we have in all possible orientations. All this allows us to have a wide range of shades in the preparation of wines, attentive to every detail of production, considering it is the winery that controls the properties and works directly.

Cellers Scala Dei – Priorat Wines DOQ