Celler Morlanda


Morlanda Priorat – History

“Fruit of our passion born Morlanda, a project that began in 1997 in Bellmunt del Priorat. Our estate is located in the south-western end of Priorat and is comprised of 82 hectares of forest, 22 of which are planted with vines ranging from 20 to 80 years old.”

Morlanda – Terroir

“The land is the origin of everything. In the pursuit of wines with personality, we discovered that it was crucial to study them to be able to build a solid project with a foundation, roots… We are currently focusing our efforts on more sustainable management of the vineyard. It is a challenge to change from conventional growing to more respectful growing. We are also proud to be one of the first wineries to use probiotics, ultimately steering our way toward sustainable agriculture.”

Morlanda – The varieties of Priorat Wines

Red Garnacha: present in all our red wines, it is perfectly adapted to Priorat owing to its ability to withstand drought and “assimilate” heat. When growing it with low yields, it offers excellent concentration, smoothness and elegance. The nose has very subtle floral aromas. Growing it is a challenge, but when done right, it produces magnificent wines that are special and very characteristic.
Carignan: like Garnacha, it is very well adapted to drought and to the soil and weather conditions of much of Priorat. It has also become essential in our reds, as it perfectly complements Garnacha by adding enormous colour intensity, powerful tannins, structure and liveliness.
White Garnacha: it is the predominant variety in the blend of our pampered Morlanda Blanc. Resistant to drought and heat like red Garnacha, it is a bit more precocious in budding. It adds body and smoothness –traits of a red wine– to our Morlanda Blanc and transmits the complete expression of the soil where it grows.