Priorat Wineries

In VINUM PRIORAT wines you can buy all the Priorat Wines from the Porrera cellars, and also from wineries sited in Bellmunt del Priorat, El Lloar, Gratallops, La Morera del Montsant, Pobleda, Scala Dei, and Torroja.

The Priorat wines corresponding to the DOCa Priorat (Priorat DOQ) are produced in cellars family farms, cooperatives and companies. Because holography of the terrain and special conditions of cultivation, Priorat wineries are distinguished by personalized attention of the vineyard, and great care on the grape reflected in the quality and personality of their wines.

If you Love Wines (Wine Lover), in our wine shop you will have the opportunity to taste and discover the Priorat through the expression of their wines.

VINUM PRIORAT offers you the best PRIORAT Wineries and work with all our passion to be the first wine shop specializing in wines Priorat DOQ.