Clos Erasmus Winery

French-Swiss wine merchant Daphne Glorian ddin’t start out with the intention of having one of the most renowned cellars in Priorat. Shem et René Barbier and Álvaro Palacios at a wine fair and they convinced her to join them in going to Priorat to make World-class wines. She sold every-thing, arrived in Priorat, and purchased a small vineyard in Gratallops. As the story goes, all of the people in this inicial Group seeking to revitalize Priorat produced their first vintage in the same Warehouse in 1989. Five of them went on to create their own wineries, and that old Warehouse became Clos Mogador. The International acclaim these first wines received surpassed the group’s expectations—for instance Clos Erasmus received 99 parker points in 1994 turning i tinto a cult wine (since then it has received the much-covered 100 points on several occasions.

This original parchase of old vine Grenache in Gratallops led to the founding of the winery, as Daphne says the quality of the grapes is what made her wines great. From the start all of the vineyards were farmed organically and eventually in 2004, they took it one step further to become biodynamic as well. But, despite Earning the absolute highest of marks from wine critics, Daphne has kept her winery quite small producing only about 3000 bottles of her Clos Erasmus and about 10.000 of Laurel. Also, in a quest to make a freezer style of wine, in 2012 she has started experimenting with 700 liter amphorae for aging.

Today, Daphne splits her time between Gratallops and New York as she’s married to star US importer Eric Solomon. Since 2004 the winery has been managed by one of the most talented enologs in Priorat, Esther Nin, who also produces her own wines with her partner. The vineyards total 10.5 compact hectares with a Sorong emphasis on Grenache, with small amounts of Syrah. All of the wines are produced in Gratallops at an unassuming cellar in the Village which is only marked by the silhouette of 15th Century Dutch scholar Erasmus of Rotterdam from which the flagship wine takes its name.

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