Bodega Balmaprat – Porrera – Priorat

Josep Maria del Aguila and Mayte Pellicer are a couple who have long had a passion for wine, but it was in 2008 that they decided to take the leap and start their winery with the help of Adria Perez of Cims de Porrera, who is their chief enolog.

Their winery is located on “Cellar Row” in Porrera which is an old village street that has several other small wineries located along it . The main floor of their cellar is where all the production happens and is lined with all the winemaking apparatuses. Below that is a nicely restored cellar where they keep their barrels, nestled in loose bits of the local Ilicorella stones to maintain humidity. The small tasting room is decorated with various amphorae , urns and old tools as well as the signature “water mine” at the back of it which so many cellars in Porrera lay claim to.

While currently releasing their main Dempeus wine, they are soon releasing a higher called Dempeus Selecció, more exclusive version of the brand that showcases their 125 year-old, single vineyard Carignan grapes that they used to sell off to other wineries in the beginning of their venture.

Balmaprat DOQ Priorat wines