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Alvaro Palacios, Gratallops, is the DOQ Priorat winery world’s most prestigious

Alvaro Palacios Muro (Natural Alfaro, March 9, 1964 [1] is an oenologist and wine producer in the region of La Rioja Baja, Spain. He is the son of a large and traditional family with five generations of Rioja winemakers, Palaces Remondo. it has 9 brothers. he studied oenology at the University of Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France) under the tutelage of Jean Pierre Moueix, and a legend in the world of wines, Château Pétrus.

Today it is one of the most internationally recognized Spanish winemakers. In 2013 the magazine ‘Wine Espectator’ elected its wine ‘Alvaro Palacios Priorat Les Terrasses Vinyes Velles 2011 as one of the’ Top 100 wines of the year ‘.

Later after finishing their education, he realized his practices in some of the most prestigious wine properties in the world, including Pétrus. It was there, watching were some of the most expensive wines in the market, the time set out to do something similar in Spain. In 1989, with 24 years he found that mountainous place and winemaking tradition dreaming while visiting his friend René Barbier, a former winery worker parents. It was 60 kilometers from Barcelona, in the Priorat, recognized Spanish wine region, which was established to elaborate on those lands terraces and liquor stores, along with three friends, Josep Lluis Perez, Carles Pastrana and self René Barbier, great winemakers.

Alvaro Palacios was hesitating between Priorat and Bierzo, wonderful region and natural region of Leon, northern Spain. Thanks to the help of his nephew Ricardo ended vines can combine both years later, in 1999. Together with his nephew founded the winery and vineyard in Corullón.

More than 20 years after he found what he wanted to do in life, Alvaro Palacios has become the most famous author of wines from Spain, with extraordinary international projection. His creations are sold in 75 countries, with the three great creations L’Ermita, Finca Dofí and Les Terrasses.

He acquired his first vineyard, Finca Dofi in 1990. Then in 1993, what is now considered as the jewel in the crown. And in the winery Alvaro Palacios in Priorat L’Ermita, wine most traded was created. While in his cellar he contacted the School of Enology at the University of Bordeaux, to ensure that, with the raw material of the area, it could get expensive wines and place them among the high world price range.

Years later he got L’Ermita became the most expensive wine of Spain, a position he held until it was Pingus 1999. The renowned wine writer, British John Radford, in ‘The New Spain’ (1998), categorizes it as “the best red wine from Spain“.

Palacios passions, in this interview on Apuntes de Vino, Palacios says he thinks more wine vineyards when asked for their best wines. “I tell my daughter and nephew L’Ermita (Priorat) and La Faraona (Bierzo) does not belong to us, they belong to the heritage of Spain, which is part of all, and that we have had to the legacy, not to recover them because they were there, but to understand them. “

He says that the wine would take to a desert island would millésimes Champagnes and states that “wine is not as sophisticated as outlined in the New World. We must return to normal glass, even the boot “. Confess your favorite place in the world is nature, favorite dish sea urchin and viticulture is one of his main passions.
With a production of 1,300 bottles per harvest, L’Ermita is made by hand with the utmost care with only two barrels 500L French oak for 18 months.
Alvaro Palacios L’Ermita, year after year get recognition from critics who consider him a near-perfect wine.

The famous L’Ermita by Alvaro Palacios is a small production with just 1300 bottles per vintage That sit off to one side in lone two barrels, waiting for a devoted public That can`t seem to get enough of it.

L’Ermita – Alvaro Palacios

L’Ermita Is the ultimate wine from Priorat both in reputation and in price. it sees an extremely small release of just 1300 bottles. L’Ermita is made with the utmost care and craft in the winery with just two 500L barrels off to one side holding the entire biodynamic production for the year. Swooned over by critics year alter year, it constanly remains an exclusive bottle.

Grenache 80%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20%

Alvaro Palacios – Vinos Priorat DOQ